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C.F.R. Ministries

"The Church is not a building, it's a people!"

Welcome to our outreach services and program page. Below are the ministries associated with this organization. For more information about each ministerial service, please click the picture.

The Wailing Wall Ministry


There is a team of dedicated individuals who wants to pray for you, or a loved one or anyone in need of prayer. Click icon to submit a prayer request or for more information.

I AM the Storm Ministries


An apostolic-evangelical ministry that oversees the Ruby's Gems (an empowerment and  enrichment program for adolescent females age 12 to 17) and the Awakening The Warrior Bride Ministry (. Click here for more information.

rude awakening flyer 2 (2).jpg
A Rude Awakening


Empowerment conversations, seminars and/or trainings designed to educate and equip the community with tools to prompt holistic social progress. Click here for more information.

Formula I:47


An unorthodox ministry that engages culture through the avenues of multimedia and artistic expression. It is unorthodox because it is raw and unrestricted as God chooses the format on how He desires to express himself. Under Reconstruction!

Mbellush Design.png
MBellush Designs


A full-service event and custom design business based in Durham,  N.C. We offer a plethora of designing needs from, weddings services to handmade crafting designs. We have been blessed to be operating and MBellushing memories since 2010.

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