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(Your life in His Chair)
Iaomai Wellness (pronounced, "ee-yah-my") is a practical counseling ministry experience that is passionate about sharing psychological insights and expertise in a practical and biblical manner to help individuals experience Him and move towards wholeness.

We believe that God uses psychology as an instrument to provide His curative response, both spiritually and naturally, to everyday life situations. When you enter into our doors, experience how He processes your life through His chair.
Dr. Nathaniel D. Isaac, Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Isaac obtained his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Midwestern University, IL. His background in mental healthcare includes psychological assessment and testing (through Genesis Counseling Center), individual/couples therapy, and Christian counseling. He is also geared towards facilitating mental health seminars/trainings for community and church leaders in efforts to reduce the stigma of mental illness, improve the utilization of mental health resources, and further aid in the development and improvement of collegial relationship with mental health professionals and clergy. Outside of Dr. Isaac's psychological vocation, he serves in the office and position of Metropolitan Archbishop within his church organization Labourers for Christ Center for Reconstruction
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Services Provided
Referrals for psychological services are on a case-by-case basis.

Services Provided:
  • Individual, couples, and Christian counseling for adolescents or adults
  • Mental health consultation
  • Mental health seminars/trainings
  • Areas of treatment depression, anxiety, stress, anger, grief, Biblical and spiritual issues.
Services for Illinois residents: virtual/online.
 (Please inquire about insurances)
Services for Virginia residents: virtual or in-person.
(Insurances are not accepted at this time)
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Contact Information
Iaomai Wellness

Address: 5252 Olde Towne Rd., Suite C

Williamsburg, VA 23188

Phone#: 708.580.7787 
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