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Welcome to the Labourer's Union

The # 1 Source for Information about Organizations affiliated with LFC Center For Reconstruction

Labourers For Christ Ministries


The headquarter church organization based in Chicago, Illinois founded by Presiding Prelate, Apostle Dr. Shawnette A. Houghton. Click on either crest for more information about Dr. Houghton and any upcoming events.

Labourers For Christ Apostolic Ecumenical Network (The AEN)


The Apostolic Ecumenical Network is a network of individuals, churches, faith-based organizations unified by one faith through the love of God to come together under one umbrella to fulfill the mandate described by the Bible in Ephesians 4:12-16. The AEN provides networking, partnering, symposiums, conferences, and global evangelical missions opportunity throughout the year. Once a year, usually in the month of August we gather for a time of refreshing and outpouring from our Presiding Prelate at the Apostolic Ecumenical Assemblage. If you would like more information about the network  or interested in becoming a member click here.

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