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Labourers For Christ Center For Reconstruction

Rebuilding People and Cities For A Path Of Kingdom Destiny - Isaiah 58:12


What is the Assignment?

The assignment for LFC CFR can be summarized in three words:


This ministry seeks to transform lives through education, outreach programs, empowerment seminars,/trainings, counseling and therapeutic services, and other various forms of ministries.

Are You A Church?

Yes. We are a Body of Believers professing Jesus Christ to be Savior and Lord over our lives. Therefore, we believe that we are the church and gather together to not only enrich our lives through worship and the teachings of the Bible, but also do the work of the ministry through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

What Denomination Are You?

Some would consider us to be non-denominational; however, such a label does not describe the depth of what we were called to. Nor would it be able to explain the rich denominational heritages from which the Believers planted in this ministry are derived from. We believe in deliverance, healing, and wholeness; and in the operation of the five-fold gifts as well as the other spirituals gifts described in the Bible within the church. Our spiritual covering from which our ministry was birthed out of is an Apostolic-Prophetic ministry. Most of all we stand on the redemptive work of Jesus Christ and the Commission He has put forth.

Heading 3

What Do You Offer


We are just getting started. As we are in the process of establishing the ministry for non-profit status, some of the ministry opportunities/programs associated with us are:

  • Building Block Sundays which is our weekly gathering.

  • Christ Restoration Over Signature Sins (C.R.O.S.S.) Trainings which is a division of the Christian Counseling Training Institute where we offer seminar trainings on various topics.

  • Ruby’s Gems which is an adolescent mentoring program for females.

  • Wailing Wall Ministry which is our intercessory prayer ministry.

  • Labourers For Christ Apostolic Ecumenical Network a network of individuals, ministries, churches, and faith- based organizations.


When Do You Meet For Worship?

Every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. We call it Building Block Sundays. We are a teaching ministry so the atmosphere is more relaxed. We do host special services through out the year. If you are on Facebook you can view us live (@lfcreconstruction) or contact us for other ways to access the services through BAND and/or ZOOM.

Interested, but not quite sure . . .


This ministry is designed to equip the saints for ministry within and outside the walls of the church. If you desire a church home and you want more information on the style of this ministry, view our Facebook page videos or call in to our phone conference line.

We do offer watch care & prayer covering for individuals in transition or looking for a covering where they can be held accountable spiritually. 

We do have individuals who partner with us in doing the work of the kingdom but are planted/joined to other churches. We welcome partnering but it is our desire to not cause division within the Body of Christ. We stress that these individuals understand that their responsibility is to their own house and the leadership in which shepherds them. We don’t mind you feasting at our table but it is always in efforts to help you grow spiritually and become more effective in the house that one is planted/joined in.



We Welcome You!





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