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Laser Scanning Book


Stone Builder

Building block Devotionals
By Reconstruction

Passion Week Devotional

Ancient Church in Mountainside

Apostolic-Prophetic Culture

  • Activating the Prophetic by Clay Nash

  • Apostolic Culture & Pattern by John Tetsola

  • Apostolic Governance by Dr. John A. Tetsola

  • Authority for Assignment by Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw

  • Biblical Discipline and Correction by John Tetsola

  • I See Thrones by Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw

  • Prophetic Praise by Joshua Fowler

  • Set the Trumpet to Thine Mouth by David Wilkerson

  • The Apostle & His House by John Tetsola

  • The Technology of Apostolic Succession by Dr. Gordon E. Bradshaw

  • True Apostolic Covering by John Tetsola


The Bishopric

  • Ceremonium

  • Clerical Garments and Protocol by Archbishop Thomas Henry Jr.

  • From Apostles to Bishops by Francis A Sullivan

  • Gifts to Men: Theological Perspectives on Apostles and Bishops by Johnathan Alvarado

  • Protocol: Episcopacy, Ordination, Installation, Adjutancy . . . by Bishop Eric Garnes

  • The Bishopric: A handbook on Creating Episcopacy . . . . by Archbishop J.D. Ellis, II

  • The Bishopric: The Second Edition by Archbishop J.D. Ellis, II

  • The Church Visible by James-Charles Noonan, Jr.

  • These Are The Garments by C.W. Slemming

  • Vocati Ad Ministrandum by Archbishop J.D. Ellis, II

Sandy Beach

counseling, deliverance,
and wellness

  • A More Excellent Way to Be in Health by Henry W. Wright

  • Unconditional Joy by Dr. Glenn W. Nowell

Leadership Development



  • Making of a Leader by Franck Damazio

  • Making Process Of A Leader by Dr. John Tetsola

  • Rivers All Leaders Must Cross by Frank Damazio

  • The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson

Pottery and Craft
Helping Hands

the call to ministry/servitude

  • 52 Words Every Christian Should Know by Kendell Easley

  • Apostolic Evangelism by Jim Buchan

  • Charts of Christian Theology and Doctrine by H. Wayne House 

  • Disciple Shift by Jim Putman and Bobby Harrington with Robert E. Coleman

  • God's Armor Bearer Volumes 1&2 by Terry Nance

  • Jesus The Evangelist by Richard Phillips. (Mandatory for Evangelist)

  • Ministry Nuts & Bolts by Audrey Malphus

  • The Call of God by Jefferson Edwards

  • The Ministry of the Saints by Dr. Mark Hanby

  • What The Bible Says to  the Minister

Pastoral Scene


  • A Shepherd Look At The 23rd Psalm by Phillip Keller. (Mandatory for Pastors)

  • A Gardner Look At The Fruit of the Spirit by Phillip Keller.

Praying Hands

Prayer & Fasting

  • Fasting for Spiritual Break Through by Elmer L. Towns

  • ***Names of God Prayer Journal by Labourers for Christ

  • Operating in the Court of Angels by Prayer Medic

  • Operating in the Courts of Heaven by Robert Henderson

  • Prayers by Christian Word Ministries (

  • Talit Ha Cumi: The Secrets of the Prayer Shawl by John Frances

  • The Meal that Heals by Perry Stone

Desert Plant

Spiritual growth & Development

  • Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray

  • Adjusting to the Seasons of God by Dr. John A. Tetsola

  • Barrier Breakers by Hank Kunneman

  • Ministering the Steps to Freedom In Christ by Neil Anderson

  • The Green Letters by Miles Stanford

  • The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

  • The Order of Melchizedek by Dr. Francis Myles

Still Life Oil Painting

Spiritual Life & Enrichment

  • Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby

  • God of the Underdog by Matt Keller

  • Search For Significance by Robert McGee

  • Spiritual Disciplines Handbook by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun

  • The 7 Places Jesus Shed His Blood by Larry Huch

  • The Complete Wineskin by Harold R. Eberle

  • The Next Seven Words by Shane Standford

  • The Seven Sayings of the Savior on the Cross by Arthur W. Pink

  • The Seven-fold Spirit of God by Keith Miller

Old Helmets

Spiritual Warfare

  • Ascending in Worship Descending in War: The Worship Warrior by Chuck Pierce

  • Breaking Generational Curses Under The Order of Melchizedek by Dr. Francis Myles

  • There's A Crack In Your Armor by Perry Stone

  • Hell's Toxic Trio by Ryan Lestrange

  • Pigs In the Parlor by Frank & Ida Mae Hammond

  • Spiritual Authority by Watchman Nee

  • The Rules of Engagement Series by Dr. N. Cindy Trimm

  • There's a Crack in Your Armor by Perry Stone

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