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Nothing you desire

can compare with her

She is more

precious than rubies;

- Proverbs 3:15


We believe every young lady are G.E.M.S. (God's Elected Model Servants). We believe that every young lady has the fundamental right to be respected as a unique individual, regardless of her status, age, religion, race, culture, or disability. We believe that every young lady has the ability to learn and make positive changes. We believe that every young lady can develop healthy relationships, and exhibit socially acceptable behavior.

Contact Info:
Apostolic Evangelist Ruby L. Edmonds
P.O. Box 6561
Williamsburg, Virginia 23188
Phone:  757.349.6633


To lead, guide, and educate young females in middle to high school to develop strength, integrity, character, and self-worth and to equip them with the skills to function successfully in the community.


This organization will provide care, guidance and a safe nurturing environment to females, ages 12-17 with the purpose to enhance in scholastic education, while promoting unity, friendship and sisterhood amongst our ladies. We will accomplish this through:

  • Individual & Group Environment

  • Tutoring & Educational Counseling

  • Volunteering Services

  • Etiquette/Manners Symposiums

  • Training in Communication Skills, Recreation/Socialization, Self Worth/Esteem, Interpersonal Relationship, Parenting & Personal Hygiene

  • Family Values Development

  • Drug & Alcohol Awareness

Ruby Gems is affliliated with LFC Reconstruction

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