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Our Vision

Welcome! What is the Center For Reconstruction? Labourers For Christ Center For Reconstruction is an offspring of Labourers For Christ in Chicago, Illinois, birthed out of the following biblical principle written in the book of Isaiah chapter 58 verse 12.  The premise of this principle evolves from God's view of humanity in relationship to Him--in regard that there are mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, religious, relational, contextual, sexual, etc., constructs that does not align itself with God's will or statures. Therefore, these constructs continue to exalt itself as the standard and is in direct violation because it produces disorder and confusion. When humanity should be beautifying this earth with impenetrable constructs of love, joy,  peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control, it is inhibited to do so. Consequently, humanity is oppressed, emotionally volatile, wrongly imprisoned, treated unfairly, hungry with insatiable appetites, orphaned or homeless, and in desperate need of protection/covering.


Never-the-less, our loving Father in Heaven has declared that these constructs are in direct opposition and has called forth Labourers through this offspring to arise and deconstruct these constructs by exposing their lies, hidden internal assumptions/agendas flaws, biases, and contradictions.  As we begin to impact the spheres of influence on culture, we must position and avail ourselves as Repairers and/or Restorers to the leading of the Holy Spirit who will further deconstruct the inner being of mankind to its constituent parts and rebuild them into the image and likeness of Christ as our Father desired--Thus, the name: Labourers For Christ Center For Reconstruction.  We are about our Father's business to transform, renovate, and rebuild His people into Reconstruction Labourers, which in turn will reconstruct their cities and/or dwellings for His glory in Jesus name! Amen! 

The assignment if the Reconstruction Labourer chooses to accept it, can be summarized in three words: 

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Government, Religion, Education, Family, Economy, Arts/Entertainment/Celebration, and Media are the basic constructs which shape every culture and society. Some theologians refer to these constructs as mountains or spheres of influence; and they are not to be taken lightly because they serve as the foundation that other spheres of influence are built or dependent upon. If these constructs were removed then the sector of society that is built upon them would become chaotic and then desolate. For instance, in America when the stock market “crashed” during the 1930s it shifted the economy in such a downhill spiral that this period of time is known as “the Great Depression.” Therefore, these constructs are very fortified. One cannot even imagine the significance of these constructs. They are so significant and majestic that the very blueprint of these constructs remained in the right hand of Him who sat on THE THRONE; and our Lord sacrificed His’ life to be able to open the blueprint of these constructs so that the designs would be released unto us as seen in the Biblical book of Revelation chapter 5 verses 1-12. We get a hint as of what these plans consist of in the Biblical book of Genesis chapter 1 verses 26-30. These plans have been sealed since the fall of humanity due to disobedience in the Garden of Eden. 


Whatever information lies on that blueprint has the keys for every Believer who submits their life to Him; and it is now clear that 1) satan and his fallen angels does not know of the true contents on the blueprint; 2) the army of satan makes every effort to breach and invade our walls so that they may have access to the contents of the blueprint. Sadly, any information satan receives from the blueprint is perverted and a poor interpretation of God’s heart and yet because of the lust that lies within humanity’s flesh—which has yet to be redeemed—satan continues to tempt us with his interpretation of what these constructs should look like, which brings us to our point. The vision of Labourers for Christ Center For Reconstruction is not only to fulfill the Great Commission but 1) make the kingdoms of this world the kingdoms of our Lord and His Christ; 2) to displace any demonic entity from the penthouse suites or seats of power ruling these constructs; 3) become the governing body, as kings and priests, in position to righteously rule, disciple or instruct the nations (Revelation 3:21).  


Our endeavor is to heed the call of Psalm 95:4b and embarked on the mission to go up the mountain (or constructs of government, religion, education, family, economy, arts/entertainment/celebration, and media) to rebuild the temple and glorify our LORD, so that sweet wine may drip from its peak (Haggai 1:8; Joel 3:16a). These battles will come with many obstacles, yet we must prevail victoriously! "Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power (Government) and riches (Economy) and wisdom (Education), and strength (Family) and honor (Religion) and glory (Celebration) and blessing (Media)! Revelation 5:12

(The vision was written and made plain and applied to this ministry to help clarify the vision of Labourers For Christ Center For Reconstruction as we embark on the task given to us. One may find deeper prophetic descriptions of the spheres of influence that impact culture written in the book, entitled, the Seven Mountain Prophecy by Johnny Enlow. NOTE: In keeping with the theme of this ministry, the word "Construct" is synonymous in context for "Mountain")
The Construct of Government

The Government Construct incorporates both legislature and judiciary as well as all the organizations and departments required to administer law. God's blueprint design is Power and the position is currently being occupied by corruption and pride. God's will is to fill the government with humble servants who are leaders with integrity. Spiritually, these individuals are called to be Apostles or operate in the governmental giftings and offices of the church such as Bishops, Elders, and Deacons.

The Construct of Economy

The Economy Construct includes all commerce, trade, resource management, science and technology etc. God's blueprint design is Riches and the position is currently being occupied by greed which has convince people that money is the true source of provision. God's will is for His people to come out of the world's economic system of thinking and operating and depend exclusively on Him. Spiritually, these individuals are called to be or walk in the gift of a Prophet.

The Construct of Education
The Education Construct includes all educational institutions from preschool to graduate school or from Sunday school to Seminary. God's blueprint design is Wisdom and the position is currently being occupied by those who have the mind of reason which holds ideals of humanism, liberalism, rationalism and/or atheism. In other words there is no God given revelation. God's will is for God fearing educators or those with the gift of teaching to bring in new Faith based curriculum that will allow the mind of Christ to be within the students. 
The Construct of Family


The Family Construct includes all households of two or more individuals, that consist of both male and females in which God formed into His image and likeness breathed His breath into. This excludes animals. We are relational beings that desire connection fulfilling relationship with reciprocity. God's blueprint design is Strength and the position is currently being occupied by a spirit of rejection and perversion that is redefining the God's original plan for families. God's original plan for humanity is for families to be functional and reflect the relationship, unity and communion that of the Trinity or Godhead: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Currently, all families systems are being attacked and God is calling for men and women to rise and restore order in the home. This in God's view will impact social systems by orchestrating healthy relationships. Spiritually, those with the gift of pastoring are given the task of helping to prioritize the family which in turn impacts the social system.

The Construct of Religion


The Religion Construct includes any and all religions of the world. God considers them idolatrous because they steal worship that rightfully belongs to Him and they place His people in submission to gods that cannot and will not deliver on their empty promises. Ironically, this includes Christianity. Why, because Believers tend to focus on penthouse suite's experience, or exalt a doctrine over a real relationship with God. God's blueprint design is Honor and the position is currently being occupied by idolatry and the religious spirit. God's will is for His people to model a Holy Spirit infused life and ministry. Spiritually, one can identify these individuals because they demonstrate characteristics of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control according to the Biblical book of Galatians chapter 5 verses 22-23. 

The Construct of Celebration (Arts and Entertainment)


The Celebration Construct includes the arts, music, sports, fashion, entertainment, and every other way we celebrate and enjoy life. This construct was design for His people to produce and release music, art, literature, games, sports theater, comedy, concerts, etc. the Lord's way--by being in His presence and letting His creativity flow through us. The blueprint design is Glory and the position is currently being occupied by seduction. God's will is for His leaders to arise and model the greater creative arts of God and prophesy through these arts. Spiritually, these individuals are called and operate in the gift of Prophecy.

The Construct of Media


The Media Construct includes any avenue (i.e., news, radio, internet, email, twitter, facebook, movies documentaries,  television, billboards, cellphones, ipads, tablets, computers, etc.,) that allows us to communicate with another over the airwaves and through headlines or top stories. Overwhelmingly, the airwaves are being filled with bad news and lies that promote terror and fear. The blueprint design for this construct is Blessing and the position is currently occupied by bad news that releases curses. God's will is for his people to revolutionize the airwaves by reporting truth and the facts accurately, even when they do not align favorable. However, in doing so His people will be able to find the redemptive angles in every story about God's blessings to the world. Spiritually, these individuals operate in the gift  or do the work of  evangelism and they fill the airwaves and headlines with good news as seen in the Biblical books of Isaiah chapter 52 verse 7; chapter 61 verse 1; chapter 40 verse 9; and Proverbs chapter 25 verse 25. 



"Those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins; You will raise up the age-old foundations; . . ."

Constructs continue to arise and its infrastructures become fortified as the kingdom of darkness infiltrates or is given free access to enter in. Upon entry, the kingdom of darkness and its evil agents then begin strengthening it's surrounding to avoid attacks and evictions. Their strengthening material are lies, sins, disobedience but mainly ignorance--especially to God's word. And for those whose foundations is Christ the evil one seeks entry to build upon God's foundation with perverse things. This process is what the church/Bible calls "strongholds." Strongholds are not easily torn down and therefore must go through the Great Deconstruction Era because the whole entire construct has to be demolished completely. And believe it or not, for the believer and nonbeliever this process is devastating because it causes one to have to give something that has taken up residency and made itself near and dear to our heart. 

Therefore, Labourers must be present after a deconstruction process for inspection of the demolished area to recover and revive the charred stones from the heaps of dusty rubble so that they may be used again. In addition, the foundation must be laid, swept clean but more importantly raised. (For further understanding read the Biblical book, Nehemiah).



". . . And you will be called the Repairer of the Breach, . . ."

After the foundation is laid and raised, the walls, watch towers, the gates and its doors, must be rebuilt. The Repairer is not only a skilled builder but also a warrior (i.e., those who were rebuilding the wall and those who carried burdens took their load with one hand doing the work and the other holding a weapon -Nehemiah 4:17). During the Reconstruction process, evil is still present and  seeks reentry through an area of weakness to refortify the constructs. Which is why the walls must continually  be repaired  to avoid any breaching and the Repairer must be ready to battle at any cost This is called intercessory prayer.  Lastly, as Holy Spirit is rebuilding the inner man into the image of Christ, the Repairer must be willing to stand in the gap against the enemy's attacks and on behalf of the individual during the Master Builder's inspection as described in the Biblical book of Ezekiel chapter 22 and verse 30-31.


The purpose of the inspection is vital and it ensures that there are no cracks in the foundation, the  walls or infrastructure.  


". . . the Restorer of the Streets in which to dwell."

Once inspection has met all the qualifications of the Master Builder, Reconstruction is complete. The newly formed edifice  will be made visible for all the world to see and the enemy will lose their confidence. (Nehemiah 6:15-16. The Restorer is able of returning back to areas of their lives that are desolate and reconstruct them so that they will be inhabitable for them as well as others.

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